PR, Communications+Writing

Your communications strategy requires effective, compelling content that is crafted with the tone of voice and mood that is aligned with your audience.  The content is designed to inspire, engage and evangelize your stakeholders to champion your brand.

  • Effective public relations requires you to manage communications across all your publics effectively and strategically.  You must develop relationships with press, writers, contributors and secure earned media to drive awareness and coverage of  your content and stories.  Be well-prepared and media trained for crisis and negative press.
  • Understand how contests, stories, events, tradeshows can have a significant impact your business.
  • A Communications Platform Development (CPD) enables your firm to set the stage, and enable writers and creative professionals to remain consistent in the  voice, word usage, tone, mood, syntax and copy structure of a series of written documents.
  • Technical and White papers tell logically the benefits, advantages and unique selling propositions of your firm’s technologies or services with a detailed analysis in quantitative or qualitative terms. Oftentimes, white papers are presented to analysts for review. They can be self-published or rewritten in reviews for general dissemination in industry-leading journals or publications.
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications Writing are largely self-promotional pieces that describe a company’s products and services focused on benefits. These include Press Releases, Articles, Case Studies, and Stories which are designed to be reprinted or quoted across different media outlets.  Press kits are vehicles designed to hold a series of executive biographies, company fact sheet, case studies, photographs, news articles, press releases, and white papers to give stakeholders a focused or comprehensive view of your organization.
  • Blogs are short articles, easily read articles between 500 and 1000 words that have a strategic angle in telling a compelling story designed to be shared with associates, colleagues and friends.



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