Technology, Consumer Goods

  • Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA (SMG) – Postscript 3 Launch, Internet strategy event
  • Apple, Cupertino, CA (SMG) – WWDC, COMDEX, US Tradeshows
  • HP, San Jose, CA (SMG) – Chapter 2
  • IBM, Rochester, NY (SMG) – PowerPC, PC Expo
  • Microsoft (O&M), Seattle HQ, WA – Direct Response Print – SQL/Server SDK, FoxBase, Seminars
  • Mockingbird Networks, San Jose, CA
  • Motorola, Schaumburg, IL (SMG)
  • MTS AllStream, Toronto, ON
  • Palm (US Robotics), San Jose, CA (SMG), PalmOS, Palm DevCon
  • PowerPC, USA (SMG), Tradeshows
  • Proficient Networks/Infiniroute/TNS Inc., San Francisco, CA, Princeton, NY – Integrated Marketing
  • Sana Security (Company 51), San Mateo, CA – Identity Design
  • Sony Professional, Redwood Shores, CA (SMG) – Creative Development, Thematics
  • Xerox, San Jose, CA (SMG)

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